Maybe you are wondering why we have a recipe section on our website.  When you done reading this, ask yourself, have you ever heard of such a great hosting company?

Here at Greenbrier Tech their our four of us at the top of the food chain.  Two are Eagle Scouts, three love to camp, three are outstanding cooks, and all four of us love to eat great food!

Some of our customers have been with us for over 15 years and we have become good friends.  Every once in a while when we find ourselfs visiting on a service call that will take all day or even spending the night, we occosianaly offer to fix dinner or make a dessert.  The timing has to be right, usually a project that involves a lot of waiting on the computer.  That gives us time to go back and forth from the kitchen to the beast.

The recipes are on the site so that we may easily retrieve them while on the road.  Of course, we don’t always stick to recipes, we like to be creative.  That said, we have a few standards that are hard to beat.

I guess you could say we are truly a gourmet technology company 😉

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